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"Oh my gosh! This is seriously the cutest thing. B is loving the class, and last night he and his brother ate leftovers for dinner.  He told us he is going to make dinner one night next week. Such an adorable idea, and I'm so glad you started it! I love the weekly picture and the recipe book."

-Erin, mom to preschooler B

Sofia had a wonderful time at camp this week. 
Thank you so much!!

-Sofia's mom

My eight year-old is on day two of Mini Apple's Berry Camp. She loves it! She's learning to bake and make bakery items out of berries. Today they picked raspberries, and my daughter can't stop talking about how much she loves it. She'll get her own cookbook to remember the recipes, and I'm hoping that she'll keep baking at home. The people at Mini Apple are very friendly and great with kids.

-Melissa, mom to M

Wonderful experience for my daughter! Great food and great crafts!

-Katie, mom to E

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